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Midnight Sherpa is a creative studio. We elevate brands.



Sometimes you need an outside perspective. We collaborate with your internal teams to understand your brand and its pain points. We strategize and incubate smart ideas (and a few dumb ones) that can really drive conversation with our audience.


Design isn’t only about creating beautiful renders or making ourselves feel better about the work. Design is about people. We design to have positive, meaningful impact in people’s lives.


Big and seemingly impossible concepts are realized through motion. Our team of directors, animators, and engineers combine classic design principles with innovative technology to create ground-breaking experiences. You just reap the rewards.

Brand Experience

We don’t want to only¬†broadcast content, we want to create a dialogue. By tailoring our campaigns to the people they’re intended for, we leverage a wide variety of media and platforms to craft real brand experiences.


Producer, VR

Assemble and manage teams to develop tools and pipeline for VR production.

Unreal Developer

Bring your in-depth knowledge of UE to build exciting experiences with our creative team.

Motion Designer

Work with a dedicated and passionate team to make great ideas into brilliant moving imagery.