Star Citizen: Invictus 2950

Invictus Week 2950 — Event Trailer
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Star Citizen, the upcoming PC multiplayer space sim, is one of the most exciting and groundbreaking games in development. Notable as one of the highest-funded crowdfunding projects of all time. Invictus Launch Week is an annual in-game event similar to the real-life US Navy Fleet Week with the same fanfare, aerial displays, and military demonstrations. Like Fleet Week, Invictus promotes recruitment to the UEE Navy, the in-game armed forces division securing the galaxy from pirates and criminals.

To promote the event the Creative team at Cloud Imperium Games created a 2-minute cinematic trailer. CIG recruited Midnight Sherpa to conceptualize and produce sequences for the film which evoke the design aesthetic of classic 20th-century wartime recruitment print campaigns. We designed a series of posters and holographic OOH media that appear throughout the cinematic as a portal to animated vignettes that were designed and realized in the same style. Premiering across social media channels and YouTube at the launch of the event, the Invictus trailer served as the anthemic centerpiece of the event.

  • Cloud Imperium Games
  • David Adam Roth (Director/Showrunner)
  • Keith Lonsdale (Creative Producer)
  • Mike Kinshella (Writer)
  • Alison Veneto (Editor)
  • Alexander Shaw (Tech Lead)
  • Ryan Bedard
  • Francisco Champac
  • James Lee
  • Sofia Thomasson
  • Laurel Vail
  • Kraig Winterbottom
Concept, Design, & Animation
  • Midnight Sherpa
  • Miguel Lee (CD)
  • Alex More (EP)
  • Anna Mendoza (Coordinator)
  • Graham Boles
  • Dillon King
  • Jen Kim
  • Alejandro Lee
  • Mier Lee
  • Justin Leung
  • DeAndre Moore