Star Citizen: Orison

Trailer & In-Game Content
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In the expansive Star Citizen universe is an industry of spaceship manufacturers and a dedicated production shipyard—‘Orison’. Unlike other promos we have created for Star Citizen, ‘Orison’ is featured as an in-game asset playing on a massive multi-screen array in the shipyard factory. We worked with Cloud Imperium’s marketing team to develop the content and worked with game developers to implement the piece within the game.

  • Cloud Imperium Games
Concept, Design, & Animation
  • Midnight Sherpa
  • Miguel Lee (CD)
  • Alex More (EP)
  • Anna Mendoza (Coordinator)
  • Summer Ahn
  • Esther Kim
  • HyunJoon Kim
  • Dillon King
  • Joo Park
  • Izik Roitman
  • Joie Sui
  • Quinta Yu