League of Legends

"Playmakers" — Campaign Films
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Riot Games is the developer of the highly successful, top ranking video game League of Legends. It’s massive fan base has prompted Riot Games to create highly refined content profiling its top players—known as Summoners—by depicting the experience of some of the most masterful games. These spots feature narration breaking down strategies and key split-second decisions as well as holographic projections which showcase the players’ thoughts in real time.

Visualizing Strategy

Midnight Sherpa worked with Riot Games and Goldtooth Creative to create two pieces showcasing two Summoners and their abilities to make quick assessments that facilitate a victory for their teams. The game’s visual design provided a jumping off point for us to create the holographic interpretations which tie the game world and real world together. The surgical precision of the hundreds of calculations the players make are shown through a series of integrated graphical animations.

Recreating Summoner’s Rift

Working with our partners, we created in-depth holographic maps, characters avatars, re-interpretations of abilities and spells, scoreboards, banners, and strategic markers to convey the player’s thoughts. Our team installed and learned the game to better familiarize ourselves with the countless facets of gameplay. We then developed a visual systems to track relevant player calculations based on our understanding of the game.

  • Riot
  • David Roth (Director)
  • Terry Lewis (Producer)
  • Terry O’Gara (Producer)
Games Live Action & VFX
  • Goldtooth Creative
Design, Animation,
& Art Direction
  • Midnight Sherpa
  • Miguel Lee (CD)
  • John Kim (CD)
  • Christopher Ahn (EP)
  • Dominick Guglielmo (Producer)
  • Mier Lee (Design Lead)
  • Rachel Choi
  • Handley Eugene
  • Eugene Goryachev
  • Cris Kong
  • Dan Meehan
  • Mary Mondrus
  • Greg Reynard
  • David Rowley
  • Erick Schiele
  • Ryan Summers