"Endless Possibilities" — Brand Film
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Created in collaboration with furniture designers from around the world, Bernhardt’s Harmony line offers over 10,000 possible options for businesses to furnish their professional spaces. This left us with the challenge of illustrating the diversity and vibrancy of the entire collection without resorting to a typical retail catalogue experience.

Our answer was an original short film that combined bespoke animation with a playful soundtrack. Working with our friends and partners at Ming Tai Consultancy and 3DAR, we rendered each item in the Harmony line in stunning detail, paying close attention to the textiles, woods, and metals that define Bernhardt Furniture.

The result is an elegant piece of video content that showcases the diversity and quality of the Harmony line while embodying the joy and levity of the Bernhardt brand.

  • Bernhardt
  • Ming Tai Consultancy
  • Ming Tai (Ep/ECD)
Concept, Direction, Look Development & Animation
  • Midnight Sherpa
  • Miguel Lee (CD)
  • Alex More (EP)
  • Justin Leung (CG Lead)
  • Esther Lee (CG Lead)
  • Mier Lee (AD)
  • Anna Mendoza (Coordinator)
  • Ha Eun Chang
  • Yoyo Dong
  • Joanna Hwang
  • Jehee Lee
Design & Animation
  • 3DAR
  • Santiago Tereso (Director)
  • German Heller (EP)
  • Matias Bossie (EP)
  • Juan Coria (AD)
  • Angeles Blasco
  • Gaston Duranovich
  • Mariano Nocitto
  • Lucas Salvetti
  • Lucila Trobbiani
  • Mateo Vallejo
  • Santiago Tereso
  • Gonzalo Palomeque