Audi IAA

"The Power of Four" — Installation Content
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Physical Meets Digital

Audi debuted a new line of cars in Frankfurt, Germany during the International Motor Show (IAA), the world’s biggest motor show. Constructing a stand-alone exhibit equipped with their new fleet mounted atop massive screens, visitors found themselves in a fully immersive installation. The resulting experience was a reflection of Audi’s advanced technology and their bold design philosophy.

Midnight Sherpa partnered with Zoar to create content for each of the four screens within the installation, each with its own mounted vehicle and set of features. The animation and physical cars were synchronized across all screens to work in unison during the show. With resolution parameters set at 12k, photo-real CG renders of the fleet were animated to interact with the automobiles mounted on each screen. The result was a seamless merging of the physical with the digital.

Creating an Immersive Brand Experience

Our goal was to create content that would seamlessly marry the physical aspects of the installation to the digital. By utilizing the hexagonal theme present throughout the architectural space of the show, a shape-shifting modular road was rendered to interconnect the two words while animating through all four screens of the space. As the real-life physical cars rotated on the screen, their digital counterparts appeared beneath them on the LED screens. All elements were created to match the exact movements of the physical automobiles. The resulting experience was a groundbreaking immersive installation that places both the bold aesthetic of Audi’s design philosophy and advanced technology of their new fleet on fully display.

  • Zoar
Design, Animation & Direction
  • Midnight Sherpa
  • John Kim (CD/CG Lead)
  • Miguel Lee (CD)
  • Christopher Ahn (EP)
  • Kina Choi
  • David Park