Veterans Affairs

"Shift" — PSA
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We worked with the Fackrell Brothers and Reingold to create this PSA for the Department of Veterans Affairs, addressing the struggles and mental health issues veterans face adjusting to life after service. This piece is a reminder of the signs that their loved ones should look for in helping them assimilate back into society.

The creative involved using real subjects for the piece. Each veteran shared their unique and powerful personal stories about their lives. The words projected on their faces were taken from the transcripts of the real and painful stories they share. The VA’s “Make The Connection” is a resource for veterans to help them overcome these struggles with a focus on issues affecting their health, well-being, and everyday lives.

  • Veterans Affairs
  • Reingold
Production Company
  • Fackrell Brothers
  • Karen O Lau (CD)
Design, Animation, & Direction
  • Midnight Sherpa
  • Miguel Lee (CD)
  • Alex More (EP)
  • Anna Mendoza (Coordinator)
  • Graham Boles
  • Dillon King
  • Esther Kim
  • Mier Lee
  • Justin Leung
  • Jeremy Rhodes
  • Chris Yoon