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Tijiko is an exciting new digital platform connecting users with experts who offer one-on-one lifestyle coaching. The categories encompass body, soul, and mind, with experts in the fields of cooking, music, yoga, beauty, and a variety of other life skills. Midnight Sherpa worked closely with founder and tech entrepreneur Angela Guzman to develop branding assets for their online and mobile presence centered around a series of character-based vignettes and 3D environments that would help users onboard the service and navigate the site. 

Midnight Sherpa developed a range of concepts to find the perfect aesthetic balance which would infuse personality into the characters and present a visually appealing style that would resonate with users. From the playful 3D human characters to their respective environments, the world was built to capture the qualities of Tijiko: aspirational and savvy, yet warm and accessible. All aspects of production from the character’s form factors, facial expressions, and wardrobe to the set pieces and color palette were crafted with the brand’s ethos in mind.

Mexico City-based character designer VAGO joined the Sherpa team to help design and build bespoke 3D character models. The 3D team at Midnight Sherpa integrated the characters into each scene, posing them, setting the final lighting, and rendering for the web developers to integrate at Tijiko.

  • Tijiko / Angela Guzman
Design, Animation, & Direction
  • Midnight Sherpa
  • Miguel Lee (CD)
  • Alex More (EP)
  • Portia Barrientos
  • Dillon King
  • Jen Kim
  • Mier Lee
  • Anna Mendoza
Character Design
  • VAGO
  • Margaret Astorga