Google Wear OS

Google I/O 2018  •  Installation Content

Google debuted a new version of their Wear OS smartwatches in early 2018. The new operating system features a wide range of apps and manufacturing partners. Their new line of smartwatches along with their newest features were displayed during Google I/O 2018 in Mountain View, CA.



Design, Animation, & Art Direction

Midnight Sherpa


Miguel Lee (CD)
Alex More (EP)
Mier Lee (Design Lead)
Lynn Choi
John Dougherty
Joyce Ha
Jason Lee
Justin Leung
Anna Mendoza
Joseph Moon

Installation & Hardware


Functionality at a Glance

Midnight Sherpa worked with Google’s Wear OS team in anticipation of the new version launch. We built visual assets representative of Google’s transition to dark UI to be used for the smartwatches and on the Google Play Store. Midnight Sherpa extended this work to create content specifically for the Wear OS display during Google I/O 2018.

A Day in the Life

To fully engage viewers with the animated content, distinct narratives and in-depth characters were developed. Each character was given a detailed backstory with consideration to their communication style, personal relationships, ambitions, and daily habits. The diverse cast of characters aligned with and brought a personal touch to the new functionalities of Wear OS.

Representing the User Experience

In order to convey the functionality of the smartwatches across the OS ecosystem and various app platforms, we globally standardized our animation to reflect user behavior. We also maintained the integrity of the software’s animation by closely adhering to Google’s Materials and Design guidelines for UX/UI. Once a logic was established, it was applied across the board to create a visually (and temporally) cohesive experience across the installation.

Wear OS Sandbox at Google IO

The Wear OS Sandbox included the four stories playing as installations in the display unit wall which was built by Sparks. During the course of the three-day event, the exhibit attracted attention from partner developers, press, fans, and Google team members alike.