League of Legends

Season Start 2018  •  Creative Presentation

The time has come for players to return to League of Legends. After a time of rest and preparation, summoners will be challenged to embark on this long and arduous journey. Called again by their love of the game, players will need to forge their paths into the great unknown of the brand new feeling League of Legends. It's a chance for the individual to rise in their own and commit unendingly to the 2018 Season.

Creative Studio

Midnight Sherpa

The Calm Before The Storm

We’ve all felt the anticipation leading up to opening day of a new sports season, the introductions before a big fight, or the quiet moments right before a championship game. The tension is always the most poignant before the action, where a flurry of emotions collide with nerves to create a heightened sense of excitement.

Arise into the Light

The login screen will rotate through various champions in a moment of anticipation to the epic climb ahead. They are framed in an impressionistic space with a bright light source, suggesting the bright lights of a stadium or a spotlight. Building off this creative motif, the package for Season Start 18 would revolve around arising into the light. The light would be a metaphor to the upcoming battles, trials, and victories that are to be had in Season Start 18.

Graphics Package

By playing with shadows and a strong, single light source, we would use the movement of assets coming into the light as the motion branding for the graphics package. UI could move up through Z-space from the shadow to the light as well. The still branding is built around hextech and as the name implies, there is a sense of magic and technology that emanates from the bevels and facades. Using the two motifs, we hint at the upcoming Season’s intense competition and lore of League of Legends.

Logo Refinement

Collaborating with Riot Games’ internal design team, we’ll create a 3D representation of the flat graphic logo for Season Start 18. Using both forms of the logo and ensuring they pass the squint test, stay true to the themes established for Season Start 18, and remain aligned with the lore and world of League of Legends will be our litmus test.

Thank You

We are beyond excited to work with Riot Games on the launch of their 2018 Season. Building a comprehensive campaign that will be visually and conceptually branded is paramount in the success of this initiative. Thank you for the opportunity!