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CBS  •  Branding & Title Sequence

CBS's hit show Hunted is a reality drama that challenges its contestants to disappear for 28 days while highly skilled law enforcement and intelligences officials track them down. Both state-of-the-art technology and traditional tactics play a key role as the authorities search homes, internet and phone histories, behavioral patterns, and physical clues to catch the "fugitives". Successfully evading capture is harder than it looks when everything you do is being tracked.




Endemol Shine North America

Created by

Midnight Sherpa

Executive Creative Directors

Miguel Lee & John Kim

Executive Producer

Christopher Ahn

Design Lead

Mier Lee

Animation Leads

David Park & Jay Kim


Handly Eugene, Rachael Hwang, Miju Kang,


Paige Poglitsch

The Technological Tapestry

Competition in television is fiercer than ever with the key players expanding beyond the traditional networks. With the emergence of ‘tech studios’ such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, it became quickly apparent to CBS that they needed to develop branding that not only quickly communicated, but captivated as well. We came on to collaborate with the show runners and help position the show to cut through the noise. Our solution was to visualize big data and tracking to create a frenetic, highly technological amalgam of imagery and information. The result was the biggest reality series premiere in adults 18-49 in more than five years across all networks. Climbing to a 4.0 in that demographic, 11.8 million viewers tuned in marking a debut that exceeded expectations.

Branding & Visualization

The brand evoked a design language which reflected the technological themes of the show. From geolocaters when tracking cell towers and scanning license plates in high traffic areas to time/date indicators on CCTV footage, we developed a heuristic visual sensibility. Using pixel and data-based aesthetics, we developed the main logotype and disseminated the look through all the UI animations and textural elements.

Show Assets

We delved deeper into surveillance and the high-risk game of hide and seek for the key art. Taking cues from information design of satellite tracking to facial recognition software, we stylized the in-show maps, mug shots, and associated data to tie in with the actual assets the Hunters relied upon. The design language we developed ultimately informed the highly stylized title sequence which we created for the show.

Branding Collateral

A complimentary design direction was developed for the branding of the season premiere. The portraits and “mugshots” of the hunters and hunted contained key locations and moments from the show. Aesthetically, we portrayed the elements as raw and unmodified as they would come from various surveillance mediums.