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IPG Mediabrands

D100  •  Brand Launch

IPG Mediabrands is a new world agency group designed with dynamic marketing at its core. Managing over $37 billion in marketing investments on behalf of their clients, it's imperative they have an accurate grasp on the outlook of the corporate landscape. While stock valuations and sales revenue were the metrics traditionally used in projecting success, IPG Mediabrands looked to build on that with a new set of metrics for a more comprehensive look into the future.


IPG Mediabrands

Created by

Midnight Sherpa

Executive Creative Directors

Miguel Lee & John Kim

Executive Producer

Christopher Ahn

Art Director / CG Lead

David Rowley

Design Lead

Mier Saebyul Lee


Lynn Choi
Handley Eugene
Miju Kang
Dongyoon Kim
David Park




Justin Leung, Paige Poglitsch

The D100

Just because a brand is doing well today doesn’t guarantee they’ll stay on top forever. IPG Mediabrands developed a new set of measures to forecast the success of the world’s largest companies. Unveiled at Cannes 2016, the D100 evaluated a brand’s dynamism using metrics that exceeded just financials and size. Collaborating closely with IPG’s Global Growth Group, we developed a launch spot that leveraged 3D CG animation to explain exactly how they did that.

Visualizing the D100

Our visual compass for determining the look and feel of the piece was to adhere to the iconic branding language that was already established for IPG Mediabrand’s branding. The tricolor palette was inherited for D100 as a strong reminder of the parent brand’s core values. We integrated that into a style that leverage highly polished CG renders against gleams of strategically positioned lighting.

Creating Visual Metaphors

We wanted to create a character that viewers could vicariously experience the D100 through. We opted to run through the gauntlet of metrics through the eyes of a top 100 company. Pitting them against the more obtuse, traditional brands, we developed a sense of agility and dynamism early on in the spot. We also wanted to play with scale by illustrating the global reach of the D100 then using the camera to get down to a macro level for the companies. By keeping the scale ambiguous throughout, it added depth to the visuals that exceeded just the 3D CG renders.

The Four Metrics

The D100 report was unveiled at 2016 Cannes by Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google and Jonah Berger, professor at University of Pennsylvania. Agility is a brand’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Responsiveness is how quickly it responds to customer feedback. Innovation is how effectively it embraces new technologies and develops new products and services. Sociability is how deeply and meaningful it engages with its customers and internal stakeholders.