Best. Cover. Ever.

YouTube Originals  •  Branding

Best.Cover.Ever. is a new spin on a singing competition. Streaming exclusively on YouTube, this original series focuses on up-and-coming cover artists competing against one another. The winners are given an opportunity of a lifetime: to create a duet with a superstar artist in an exclusive YouTube video.


Endemol Shine / YouTube

Design, Animation, & Direction

Midnight Sherpa


Miguel Lee (CD)
John Kim (CD)
Christopher Ahn (EP)
Mier Lee (Design Lead)
Serena Jorif
Justin Leung
Anna Mendoza
Joseph Moon
Paige Poglistch
Jeremy Rhodes
Tian Wang

Visualizing Vocals

Midnight Sherpa worked with Endemol Shine and YouTube to create visual content around the series. The ultimate design was inspired by the idea of collaboration as a fundamental theme. Bold color palettes and geometric shapes create the backdrop of the series. These graphical elements while simplistic and visually familiar by design resonate through a thoughtful application. Reimagining the composition created an intriguing aesthetic framework which branded the series with an approachable yet modern touch.

Logo & Brand Exploration

We explored logo and branding concepts alongside the client. The series ultimately provided the final logo which we implemented in our delivery of a complete graphics package and design collateral for social media. Premiering exclusively on YouTube, all graphical elements were designed for the variety of mediums it was intended for. Striking, identifiable visuals were developed in for online and mobile platforms. Below are some of the design directions we explored.