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Audi IAA

The Power of Four  •  Installation

For the IAA Motor Show, Audi constructed a two-story building in lieu of a traditional convention booth. This structure showcased bold exhibition architecture by leveraging sharp angles, metallic surfaces, and honeycomb patterns. Inside, the aesthetic continued into the exhibition hall which featured a space for 33 automobiles surrounded by four monolithic LED screens. Midnight Sherpa partnered up with Los Angeles based agency Aarklab to create content for the four screens, each with its own mounted vehicle and set of features. The animation and physical cars were synchronized across all screens to work in unison during the show.





Created by

Midnight Sherpa

Executive Creative Directors

Miguel Lee & John Kim

Art Director

Kina Choi

CG Lead

David Park

Executive Producer

Christopher Ahn

Physical Meets Digital

The goal was to create content that would seamlessly marry the physical aspects of the installation to the digital. By utilizing the hexagonal theme present throughout the show, an amorphous and translucent road was rendered to interconnect the two worlds. Furthermore, the road would animate throughout all four screens. As the physical cars rotated on the screen, animated cars were showcased beneath them on the LED.

Creating an Immersive Brand Experience

Actual cars were mounted onto LED screens. The cars, wheels and the lighting were preprogrammed to rotate or move in accordance with animation. Marrying the engineering to the renders required all moving parts to be calculated precisely.┬áThe sheer size of the screens required renders at up to 12K. That’s 12,000 pixels across which is 25 times the size of HD. The photoreal modeling and lighting of the vehicles alongside the translucent and reflective nature of the roads called for a render pipeline that could support the massive volume. Paring our internal infrastructure with cloud rendering solutions, we produced four of these animations.

The Result

The biennial IAA Motor Show is the largest in the world in regards to sheer attendance, attracting close to a million visitors and thousands of journalists. Audi poised itself for success by constructing the stand-alone exhibit and massive screens for their future fleet. The resulting experience is a groundbreaking, fully immersed installation that places both the bold aesthetic of Audi’s design philosophy and advanced technology of their new fleet on full display.